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Swimaginary is an aquatic network of learning, fun, and exploration.



Swimaginary believes in “steady progress for a safe future.” We believe all people should learn water safety and basic swim skills in order to enjoy a quality life. These skills will provide a life of safety and fun.


When you trust us with your aquatic instruction we know you expect great care and attention to be given at all times. For this reason we follow Swim Surge; a special swim program which teaches safety skills at all levels of learning. This program is reviewed annually for compliance of safety and education standards. A curriculum map is used by all instructors to monitor industry changes and client needs. Please know that we will modify skills and instruction delivery to meet the needs of our students. Each student is different; thus, learns in their own special way. We hope you enjoy being part of our family because we are excited about being a part of yours!


Safe Swimming!

 Karen Yvette, Founder

Explore Swimaginary and register for classes on the website...

Note: In addition to live classes, we are offering a superior digital water safety course because we know the importance of keeping your loved ones safe.
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